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Babe About Town

by verdemama on June 1, 2010

To pho or not to pho? That is the question

I know there will be some people out there who think I’m nuts for this, but I’m a firm believer in bringing my child with me when I go to restaurants. Orion is a champion restaurant eater—he’s well mannered, laid-back and reasonably tidy. He’s been dining out since he was a week old, and he’s been a babe about town ever since. There’s no denying that his easy temperament is partly to thank for his ability to not embarrass us in public eateries, but I also think it’s because we expose him to restaurants, and he’s learned how to behave in them. Not only does he behave, but he usually gets tons of praise—from staff to random people alike—on what a good baby he is.

Granted, we have had our moments where Orion falls apart and we would have to scarf down our meals so we could bail early, or one of us would have to eat solo while the other takes O for a walk around the block, but 95% of the time, we have some fun, a nice meal and we don’t feel deprived of our nights out on the town. It helps that we know to keep it appropriate—we don’t take him to a white tablecloth kind of place at 8pm on a Saturday night—and we clean up after him if he makes a mess (and besides that, we tip very well).

We definitely prefer dining at home on a regular basis, but once a week or so it’s fun to keep the oven off and let someone else do the cooking for us. And we take the little man with us. What do you think? Are we crazy for braving restaurant meals with a toddler? Or do you take your wee ones out on the town with you, too? Tell me what you think!

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